FIRED! Days 14 & 15

My two-week mark yesterday had some distinct highs and lows. I started off the day with a meeting with a recruiter. I had to take Lyft, since I have no car, but you know what? I could get really used to being driven around!

I felt like the meeting with the recruiter was kind of a waste. More of a formality, I guess. I spent more time driving all the way to Citrus Heights and back, and she basically told me the same thing she had on the phone.

I took these assessments for Word, Excel and typing speed. I’m seriously a wiz at all three, but the test results certainly didn’t reflect that. I only got a 70 something on Excel, an 80 something on Word and typing speed of 75. I’m kind of annoyed since I can figure out how to do anything on any Office product.  A standardized test doesn’t really reflect that. Whatevs.

The low point yesterday was taking yet another Lyft to the tow yard where my car has been held hostage all week. Since the insurance still isn’t straightened out, I had to pay $610 to get my car out and have AAA Roadside Assistance (one bill I never mind paying – thank you, Jesus) haul my car to my house. It just made me so incredibly sad. Not just the stress of the whole situation, but I really loved that car. It’s the first vehicle I’ve ever bought totally by myself. And it was just so cool looking (a 2010 slate-colored Dodge Avenger) – I felt a sense of pride every time I saw it. And now it’s completely mangled. I don’t know how my son escaped injury. If the car had hit the driver’s door instead of the back door, it would’ve been a whole different story, even with the air bags.

When I got home, I had to have my son deal with getting the car unloaded into the side yard. I was toast and went straight to bed. Second time in two weeks. I guess if I can keep my “crawling in bed in the middle of the day” days to once per week, I’m doing okay considering.

Before I fell asleep, I was looking at all the typical crap on my phone when a friend messaged me on Facebook saying she had seen my LinkedIn status. She was wondering what happened because she knew how much I loved my job. I told her in a sentence or two and her final response was, “Oh, dear. Well, you’re very resourceful…I’m sure you’ll be just fine.” 

empathy meme

Sorry for the F bomb, but this was such a great meme and is also from one of the world’s greatest movies ever.

Really? REALLY?? If you can’t even fake empathy, then don’t bother reaching out. I was seriously appalled. I’ve been slowly reading Brene Brown’s book “I Thought It Was Just Me” and she talks about barriers to empathy and what true empathy looks like. My “friend’s” response totally missed the mark. Our friendship has declined over the past couple of years anyway, but her words still stung badly. Mostly, I guess, because it was just so obvious she was only being nosy and didn’t really care at all. Remember what I told you about how you will learn who your true friends are during difficult experiences such as this? This is a perfect example.

My night ended pleasantly with two friends, who are very “true blue” friends. We usually get together every few months at one of their houses for Friday wine night and that was the original plan. One thing about me is I tend to learn my lesson pretty quickly, so I admitted drinking was probably not the best idea for me this time around. One of my girlfriends wasn’t feeling well anyway, so we met at IHOP and had tea, coffee, and a greasy fried appetizer plate. I was surprised we sat there until after 11:00 pm, but that’s how it is with real friends. Time just flies.

Today I spent most of the day – about 6 hours – at Starbuck’s with my friend who is helping me with the State exams. I passed another – YAY! This one was even harder. I got a 95% on the level I portion and 90% on level II. Hey – I’ll take it. There’s a job in the Department of Social Services I’m really interested in that requires this particular exam, but first I have to work on my Statement of Qualifications – another requirement and a first for me. Hopefully I can get my application in within a couple of days. That will be SUCH a great feeling! I really want a job with the State, so keep your fingers crossed for me.


  • Apply for a job – No matter how long you’ve been out of work or how many jobs you’ve already applied for, find a job – any job – and apply for it within the next 5 days. Can’t hurt, right? You’ve got to keep moving forward because once you stop, it’s all that much harder to get moving again. Think about pushing a car – once it’s rolling it almost seems too easy, but getting it moving from a complete stop makes you wish you were the Incredible Hulk.

I will probably stop doing the action items and may switch to publishing a weekly post. I’m not sure yet, but you’ll be the first to know!

Down, but not out.


I'm passionate about writing, haiku, pit bulls, long walks and making the world a better place. Right now I'm blogging about #unemployment, #fired, #termination, #jobless.

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