Welcome to my blog! As you’ve probably figured out, my name Elizabeth. I’m just trying to figure out where I belong in the literary world. I like to communicate in so many different ways, and my different blogs reflect that.

I was let go from my job on March 24, 2017. Phew – got that out of the way. It feels like I have a big scarlet F branded on my forehead. I never thought THAT would happen to me. Not in a million years. But I’m someone who takes action during times of crisis. So, I started blogging about it, of course!

My Poems
As you can probably guess, these are all original poems written by yours truly. I don’t write deeply metaphorical prose that’s difficult to understand. I just write fun stuff for myself.

This endeavor is to write about the people, places and things in my hometown, which is located about 20 miles east of Sacramento in California. I’ve lived here since 1998, so I suppose I’m as good of a choice as anybody to blog about this beautiful town.

Just Being Me
The name says it all. My dream is to write a novel, but I’m feeling really uncertain about what to focus on. This blog allows me to just write about whatever I feel like. The one piece of writing advice I’ve heard over and over is to write. Just write. My hope is something great comes out of it and my first book will be born.


If you are interested in just one of these categories, you can select that specific category on the home page and you will only see those posts.

Thank you so much for taking the time to visit. Please comment or send a note to introduce yourself and I invite you to follow me on social media as well! The links are on the homepage.

P.S. That picture is of myself and my three kiddos circa 2007, but as I was getting ready to change it out, I just couldn’t do it. It reminds me of happy times and my kids are just so darn cute!



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